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Welcome to   We provide two different classes of service:

A Suite of Writing Services.  When you need the written word, this is the place.  We do white papers, ghost writing, letters, announcements and others.  Click "Business Services" or "Writing Options for Individuals"  below

Beyond the Washington Beltway- Sensible critique, sensible ideas, sensible solutions.  Click one of the Headings below.

But, even this site cannot be serious all the time, so, we'll have some fun along the way.

                                                TMS Writers Services Provided

*Current Topics: Good Thinking, Bad Thinking, An Opinion Beyond The Beltway

     -  The Fleecing of Social Security:  Is there enough in the Trust Fund... what about that "Trust Fund?" Where is the money?  What can be done?

*THE TMS ECLECTIC CENTER:  Limitless subject matter.
     - "The Bench at Pothole Boulevard:" It is the day after the 2016 Presidential election. A Times editor and a retired executive discuss the result.
     - "Life & Times at the Birdfeeder:" More than just seeds and birds
     - "Job Creation- Let's Try Reality:"  How are jobs really created?

 **ADVOCACY- SUSTAINABILITY:  Sustainability is our obligation to the future.  Here we have insights, facts and recommendation

** Quick Quotable Quotes: Wisdom, humor, insight live here


Now Available in Paperback
"Roughly Translated-It Means 'Hope'!  'A Roosevelt for the 21st Century'  (AR4-21C) A look ahead at the political movement that emerges from a climate change spawned series of severe storms and the political paralysis in Washington in the run-up to the 2016 Presidential election.  Alongside is the neglect of the Millennials by wealthy, old white men that nearly creates a form of 21st Century Feudalism.  The AR4-21C movement becomes a social media force that is underestimated by the establishment- a fatal mistake.  For excerpts of the story, click on **Current topics" below. 
Go to and search 'roughly translated- it means hope.'  Or, click"><img"


**TMS WRITERS' BIOS: Interested in knowing about our writers?  This is the place.  

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