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Business Services:  Let's be smart and productive here.  You focus on what you do-your core competencies- that your customers pay for.  Then, when you could use some assistance in needs such as letters, mailings, PR, "How to..." and some of us have done Strategic and Market Planning in prior lives.
*Standard Biz Services:  Letters, other mailings, PR, "How to...", etc
                                                                            Per Page           $40
*Biz White Papers: Industry Specific- Telecom, Intellectual Property, Product Management, etc
Per Page           $50

Personal & Freelance Writing Services:

*White Papers:  General- Fee based on complexity, research, length (pages), due date.                                                                    Per Page           $40-$70
*White Papers:
   Industry Specific- Education, Energy, Telecom, Intellectual Property
Per Page           $50-$80
         Fee based on subject, length, due date, PowerPoint
Per Page/Slide  $65-$85
*Ghost Writing:
    Same as White Papers- General
Per Page            $40-$70
Special skill, can be used in all categories, different subject
                                                                            Per Page             $70
*Business Support: 
Letters, Ads, Editing, Newsletters, etc
Per Job    Min     $50
*Unmuddling Muddle:
  Our unique, special area; clarifying, restructuring a para, rewording, simplifying                                         
Per Unmuddle    TBD


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